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My First Skool Earth Day Challenge – 30 Ways to Go Green

My First Skool (MFS) launched its Earth Day-linked initiative, ’30 Ways to Go Green’, to inspire children and families to adopt a green and sustainable lifestyle. As part of the initiative, various sustainability-related activities that parents and teachers can involve their children in were highlighted in a new activity booklet created by the preschool operator.

Ms Syafiqah Binte Sahlan, an English Teacher at My First Skool, worked closely with her K2 students and families to raise awareness about issues surrounding climate change and sustainability while showing her students how they can be responsible and kind towards the environment.

“The highlight of the project for me was seeing how passionate the children were in completing the activities from the booklet. Some even shared photos of what they had done!” Ms Syafiqah said.

The activity booklet serves as a guide and resource for students to apply good sustainable habits such as maximising the use of paper to save trees, not wasting food, and using water wisely. Parents were also able to witness their child’s understanding of recycling in action, with some students starting the habit of collecting plastic bottles to recycle or dispose bottles into the correct section of recycling bins.

“It was heartwarming to see photos and videos from parents and children embarking on activities to demonstrate their support in saving the earth, such as bringing recycled bags out, spending time outdoors, or growing their own plants,” said Ms Lena Lee, Principal of My First Skool Jurong West.