our sustainability story

PacificLight is a Singapore-based power generation and electricity retailing company. We are one of Singapore’s leading electricity retailers, providing both business and residential customers with competitively-priced electricity and unparalleled customer service. PacificLight owns and operates an 800MW power plant on Jurong Island.

At PacificLight, our four main sustainability drivers form the ethos of why we do what we do. Through implementing the best energy efficiency practices and minimizing our carbon footprint, being clean and green in our daily operations is very much a way of life.



Re-create, Recycle, Re-purpose

What does an upcycled world look like to you? Expand the limits of your creativity and imagination with PacificLight’s Re-Crea8 Competition. Show us how waste can be reused, repurposed and recycled to give it a new lease of life rather than being thrown away.

Be it through artwork, models or functional objects, we’re excited to see what you can envision for Singapore’s green future and how we can make sustainability a way of life.  

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