crea8 sustainability competition

Established in 2016, the PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition aims to encourage young Singaporeans to step up to the challenge of tackling environmental issues by reducing their carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Crea8 Sustainability competition started off as an art competition but has since evolved to include essay and video components to enable all youths in Singapore to participate.

PacificLight continues to inspire young Singaporeans to tackle environmental challenges, and demonstrate their passion for a sustainable Singapore. The Crea8 Sustainability Competition encourages students to share their thoughts, demonstrate their ideas and share stories about the ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

The 2019 Crea8 Sustainability Competition has ended.
We will be back again for the 2020 Crea8 Sustainability Competition. Do keep a lookout for it!


The 2019 Crea8 Sustainability Competition revolves around the theme of a Zero Waste society. What is zero-waste? What happens when we consume too many resources? How can Singapore make the move towards becoming a zero-waste society?

We’re looking for bold and bright individuals with a heart for the environment, who want to generate discussion on resource preservation and excessive consumption in Singapore today. Consisting of two categories – a poster and videography competition, the Crea8 Sustainability Competition 2019 is open to all students studying in Singapore.     

“How can we reduce waste?”
Extended submission closing date  
12 July 2019, Friday

“Why should we aim for zero waste?”
Submission closing date
30 July 2019, Tuesday

“How do we overcome the challenges of zero-waste lifestyle?”
Submission closing date
30 July 2019, Tuesday


We’re here to show that zero-waste is not just a movement, it’s a way of life. Submit your entries for the competition here:

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